[ Apr 2010 Issue ]

It’s hot. You’re sweaty. Dozens of bands are showing off their raw skills on more than ten stages. A plethora of teenagers and young adults, wearing their punk-or-nothing personas, surround you. A ministry of radio stations has staked out their own spots within the vast parking lot to distribute their hope, wisdom, and free swag to the fastest growing consumer age market in the world.
It’s the only place where a reclusive Misfits fanatic, a Hollister-clad, tennis-playing prima donna and a forty-something business owner …

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[ May 2010 Issue ]
M. Ward – Post-War

There are some artists who strictly defy genres. Think of Roy Orbison. Yes, he was one of the famed artists on Sun Records, but what was he really? Was he rockabilly? Pop? Country? Easy Listening? In my mind, the closest term to describe Roy Orbison’s music is the one Bob Dylan coined for him: “cowboy opera.” Orbison’s voice was a river of silk floating through the grit and dry heat cacti. And while I know that M. Ward is no Roy Orbison (although he did …

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[ Apr 2010 Issue ]
Paul’s Boutique (33 1/3 Series) by Dan LeRoy

“A blue bong, high quality indica buds, hash, hash oil, freebase, red wine, cigarettes, LSD, coffee, and whippets.” Dust Brother Mike Simpson’s recollection of the essential items in the production of the Beastie Boy’s second album gives more than a hint about why this particular slice of hip-hop has been, to say the least, a little obscured. And this is the Beastie Boys album which needs the most exposition; even though most people will tell you that it’s their masterwork, the …

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[ Mar 2010 Issue ]
God Bless the Child – The Very Best of Billie Holiday

It’s Billie Holiday’s immortal whisper, which Frank O’Hara eulogized in his poem “The Day Lady Died,” that engraves her signature firmly on the tombstone of musical history. Holiday’s lush, silky, and slightly faded voice drapes itself around the room every time someone puts on one of her records. Indeed, if there had to be one female jazz singer out of the many greats (Ella, Etta and Etta, Sarah, Nina) whom it’s imperative to remember, it would probably have to be Billie Holiday.
Perhaps …